Grade 5


What home means to me

Home isn’t just a roof over top of your head,home is the beginning of life and is the place where everyone is welcome. A place where you feel safe and alright. It’s warm at home when it’s cold outside. Home is the place where you’ve felt hope, and peace. A place where I feel comfort and most of all free ,where everyone is special in their own way. Trust flies around as you feel a warm bond and sense of belonging.

Home is happiness and caring. A warm place full of joy and laughter. A home is to love and be loved. Home is a happy place where dreams begin are alive and fulfilled. A home is a shelter covering you from the storms. It’s hard to see the poor people roam without a home. The place with joy, laughter and kindness that make a home a home. When you’re down, family gets you up again. A home to me is freedom and peace.