Grade 6


what home means to me

Home is a place of comfort and happiness. A place of friends and family. A place of kindness and laughter. A place of warmth and humor. A home doesn’t have to be a house, it should be the place where you are most happy. Weather you feel like your home is the nearest McDonalds or the moon, it doesn’t matter, a home is a home. The definition of home may be the place where one permanently lives, but in my heart and in my mind home means where one is truly happy. Just because you don’t have a house doesn’t mean you don’t have a home. Think about the place that you are the most happy and go there, that is your home. When I first moved in to my new house I said “it doesn’t feel like home here” that was because I was temporarily living at my grandparents house. My grandparents house had started to feel like my home so therefore I started sleeping over at my grandparents house every weekend and I still do. That is what home means to me.