Grade 5

Reserve Mines
Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

Home is a beautiful loving place that you can call home.Where your most value memories take place. Home is a place where you can sit by the warm heater when its cold,and you know your safe!You don’t have to worry about being cold or not having a roof over your head or someone making fun of you cause you don’t have perfect clothes .
If I didn’t have a home I would feel sad and I probably wouldn’t be in this wonderful place! I wouldn’t have basketball, a home, my family, or school! I wouldn’t have my beautiful bed!!! 🙁 I really would feel sad if I didn’t have a home. I also probably wouldn’t have my dog cause if I didn’t have a place to live I couldn’t get a dog ,and i wouldn’t be able to have friends over. This is what home means to me.