Grade 4

North York

What Home Means to Me

Home isn’t about the bed, or the couch. Not even about the TV! It’s about the people who stand beside you when you’re sad and the people who help you up when you fall.

Home means lots of things to different people, but no matter what, you’re a family and your home holds you together. Whatever you do, whatever you like, we’re all the same and need the same things. Need to be safe, to be happy, to love and to be loved.

It doesn’t matter if you’re related or not. If you truly love each other and you’re enjoying living under a roof together you’re a family. If you have one embrace it because sadly this is a privilege that not everyone has!

At home you’re supposed to make memories because you’re going to look back at this day and say, wow, that was memorable! The time when we were laughing on that comfy couch watching TV, or that rainy weekend that we spent curling up in our cozy beds reading a good book was incomparable.

Everyone deserves having good times and making memories with their beloved ones. That’s why everyone should and I wish could have a home.

For me, home is a safe place to stay. To take a warm bath and re-charge for the next day.
To watch the sunris through the window when I’m drinking my tea. To invite my friends over when I feel like throwing a large party.
To light a candle and listen to my favourite music by myself. Because sometimes I really need my own space.
No matter what I want to do my home sweet home protects me. And Just like the sound of the key turning in the door when daddy’s home, it fills my heart with sudden joy!

As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz would say, “ There’s no place like home”.