Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

Do you want to learn about what home means to me? Well what home means to me is it feels like love,warmth and comforting.My family always makes me feel loved and cozy.One of my favorite things about my home is my dog Molly.She is always there to cheer me up.Another one of my favorite things is I have a cozy bed to sleep in during the night.I love waking up in the morning to sunshine, happiness and my family.
If I didn’t have a home I would be very sad.Waking up in the morning to the sunshine or happiness.Not having a home.Or warm clothes or shelter.Living in a dark alley way would be horrible. I never want this to happen ever.I don’ ever want to be lonely. I am very grateful that I have a home and I would love to donate 10 dollars I hope you enjoyed what home means to me.
Thank You