Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What Home Means To Me

I am very thankful to have a home because I know that not many people have that. If I didn’t have a home I would not be able to afford clothes, food, toys, a phone, water,(ect)
I wouldn’t be able to go to birthday parties or
have them.I also would not have anywhere to sleep.
I would not be able to go to restaurants like Wendy’s,
McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Swiss Chalet, Eastside Mario’s. (ect)

Having a house is something not a lot of people
have, most people forget that. What home means to me is home cooked meals, heat, a bedroom, food when I’m hungry, and clean water. I am very thankful to have a home and I am happy to have all the things I have. Without that I don’t know what I’dd do. I hope that everyone without a home gets one because
homes are very special, they deserve to have one.