Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me!

What home means to me
By: Emma c
Home is not just a home its a place where you feel comfortable and happy you have comfort and happiness small big no matter the size it’s a home where people don’t get judged you could wear the weirdest clothes and sing really bad no one would judge.

A home is also a place you are nestled in your bed all comfy where you feel comfort and you feel secure tucked in your bed sleeping the night away, you can cry where no one else is and not feel embarrassed.

A home is a gift people take it for granted, people who don’t have a home are sick the feel insecure sad and lonely.

A home is where you grow up you may move but you will make it your comfort and happiness it takes a while but you’ll get used to it.

A home provides shelter love and food. A home is where you can cuddle up with your dog in a blanket by the fire and feel warmth and happiness.

you could play a board game and be happy
a home is where you give hugs and kisses to loved ones,
Your heart feels happy and excited in a home.

A home is border that blocks
out fear from the outside. a home is where u can play with your siblings.
In a home there’s no bad it keeps all out that are willing to hurt a home is filled with happy people.

In a home you are always counted you can be anything you want to be

A home is where your takin care of and your happy. Home stands for happiness because your happy in your home O stands for outstanding because all houses are outstanding, M for motivate because you get motivated to be yourself. And for E educate because you grow up in your home and you learn things in your home.

Home is a great thing it means alot to everyone it make people feel safe and happy.

a home you should never take for granted ever,` and always be grateful! for your house and family.