Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What’s home you might say.
My home has a lot of love.
With my family.

But there is a thing
called homeless people in life,
and they are quite sad.

The homeless people,
could be helped with donations.
We can play our part.

My family and friends,
are great people to be with.
They can make me laugh.

They once lived right here.
The First Nations land we took,
and they moved away.

What about nature.
The trees they cut for our land.
But I could plant more.

The games that I play
are mostly video games.
I like board games too.

The memories I made
at the house I could call mine.
were quite ecstatic.

At my home I learn.
It’s a great place to do that,
with my countless books.

I hope I can win
with my idea of haiku.
I think it’s unique.

You might have enjoyed
reading my haiku poem.
So have a great day.