Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

To me a home is a kind and encouraging environment to live,sleep and eat,the reason why is because there are nice people living there with me like my Mom,Dad,my Brother Kobin and our dog Aspen she’s a Tibetan Mastiff,we used to have another dog his name was Tundra he was a Great Pyrenees,but he died,we had to put him down. It felt like my life was put down or thrown in the dumps ;c And that’s probably how homeless people feel when thrown out on the street or cast out of their homes from loss of money or family troubles.But mine was just a small thing that happened to me and it wasn’t life threatening to anyone except for Tundra. People who don’t have homes must be insanely cold and terrified,and yet we don’t even notice homeless people,were so selfish and mean to people.The Golden Rule says be kind to others and treat others as how you want to be treated,and we ignore it like garbage,that makes me so mad that some people wouldn’t let some homeless person even take a single cent,because they’re snooty and selfish to everyone except for themselves.If I could be an adult and live in my own house and have money I would want to buy a home for a homeless person.Sadly i’m only a little girl and can’t provide a home for anyone :c But the positive is that they have courageous lion hearts and brave as a bear, they are hopeful to get something,even if it’s a little sugar they rejoice like its a big warm and gentle hug,and if you ever see that smile it really does feel like a warm hug and it feels like a smile is creeping up on your face,even if you just see someone give to them it makes your heart explode with joy! I hope that at least a few homeless people get blessed and treated really well this year and forever and ever.