Grade 6

Sharbot Lake

What Home Means To Me

Home is a place that I love, but this is what it means to me. Home is the place that lets my family stay in. It’s the place that gives us warmth it is the place that I love and it is called home. When I am at my home I feel safe because I am at my home with my family.

Firstly, home is were my animals can stay and I live in the woods so I get to see a lot of animals outside at home we have outdoor cats who live under are step and we feed them food so our home is kind of like there home. I like my home because the outdoor cats we get to see outside and at my home we don’t have many neighbours so it is really quiet outside our home.

Secondly, I love my home because when my mom was little she lived in it and now I get to live in it so that makes it feel just like home. Sometimes when I look out my window I can see a sunset or a deer in the spring. When I am home I like looking at the trees because they are beautiful.

In conclusion, when I am home I see the trees I breathe fresh air and say to me this is home this is mine I love it because its one of a kind.