Grade 4


What Home means to me

Home is a special valuable place. It gives you shelter and safety night and day. Home is a place I hear laughter and see love. Where mistakes happen and learning to. You are supported and always welcomed in your home. Home gives me rest and keeps me healthy. I’m surrounded by loved ones I will never forget in my home.

My home is where I’m respected. A place to dream and meet with family. When I think of home my heart floods with happiness. If I did not have a home my heart would fill with sadness.
I would be frightened and feel like I don’t belong. I would be worried where to sleep and eat. I would be a complete stranger to all. I would feel insecure like no one is by my side. I would have no sense of community. My health would go down and I will get sick. Stress would find me quickly. I would be dirty and have no privacy. I am thankful for my home today and always.