Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

A home is a place where everyone is free,
Where I can be me.
Free from all this danger and anger,
That humanity caries around
and so to take it out
They shoot and kill innocent kids

A home is a place to remember old memories
And make new ones.
It’s where everyone doesn’t have to hide who they are
Because it doesn’t make a difference if your gay or straight or bi
Or if you black or white
It does matter what is your religion
Because they will accept and love you the same

Home is where you can laugh at the worse things
But you do it together.
Where you can cry and they are there for you forever.
And where you don’t have to wonder your worth,
Because they make sure you know.

A home can be anywhere as long as we are together forever.
That’s why I thank god every night for letting me know
what’s like to have a home.
And I hope that this writing helps other kids
to find their home.
And I hope that they know they are not alone,
and that somewhere in the world
They have a home.
And they’ll always be there for you!