Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

We’re all sure that everyone has heard of the difference between “house”, and “home”. To me, house is basically just four walls and a roof. A home to me is a place where my family can come together and snuggle while watching TV.

Homes can bring up A LOT of feelings and I feel everyone should have a home. Many people in the world don’t have a proper home like we do. So they don’t have the same feelings as us. Giving them a place to feel happy is very important to them. As I said homes bring up feelings.

The magic of a home is like having a calming unicorn in it. A home is a happy place where you can relax and snuggle up with your mom,dad,or sister. A home is a place where everyone feels accepted. My family can be very loving especially cuddling on our couch in our home. A home is magical.

I think every one of us should have a home because you feel comfortable of having a place to feel happy. Homes are very important to people and their feelings. If people didn’t have a place to feel happy and accepted, I think a lot of people would be stealing others homes. As I said everyone should have a home.

Homes are very important because they help us stay happy. Everyone should have a home. Homes are magical,joyful,and amazing. Everyone matters when they are happy. Homes are very very very important.