Grade 4


what home means to me

What home means to me
Home is where I feel special and its where I can enjoy life. I think that everybody needs a home. Home means comfort, freetime, family, and memories.

This is what comefort means to me.
Comfort is where you feel safe. Second thing is where you feel warmth inside of you. Last thing is where I feel hugged.Thats what comfort means to me.

Home is where you have free time.When you have free time you can relax and sleep.Second thing is where you can read novels and picture books.Last thing is where you can enjoy your free time. That´s what I know about free time.

Home is where my family is. My family lives in two house beside each other and I feel at home in both house. When you have a family they will love you with all there heart. In my home is where my relatives live. That´s what my family means to me.

A home is where I keep my memories.The memories are special because they help you with some important history. When you are at home you can make memories. My memories matter because my family save time to make the memories. That´s what I know about memories.

Home is where the heart is. This is what home means to me. This is what I do inside my home. This is what home means to me.