Grade 4


What home means to me

Home is a place that you can tell your fears to family.
And when you don’t have a home you don’t have any food or water! That you can eat or drink but if you have a home then you can have all the food you want. You can eat whatever you need but You can also have water. And whatever you need to drink. And if you have water and food you can go to the market and buy water and food!

H Home is a place to be loved,
O others should be loved
M loved a lot
E to be kind,

H not loved,
O no food or water,
M needs a place to sleep,
E hopeless,
L lonely,
E left out,
S broke,
S starving,

So homeless people should have a home like everyone else! Everyone else has a home except for poor people they have no money no food no water! They only have dirty water and dirty food so that’s why they should have a home. So they can have food and water and money so they can go shopping and get some food. Because of homeless people don’t have homes and they can die! Outside and no one wants that to happen homeless people do not have any food so then we should give them some money. So then they can go to the shop and buy some they really need to eat!! because they don’t have anything to eat unless they have to dig into the trash but no one wants that to happen because then the trash will? Be ripped open I wish there was no such thing as homeless people, Home is place that you can love others when your homeless you are not loved ever!!