Grade 4


What home means to me

How do you feel when your at home?happy?safe? What about welcomed?To me home means is that I can play with my brothers and feel safe.Home is also the place where I feel the most welcomed,happy and the most safe.

A good home is that it is a safe,non violent,comfy,peaceful, and positive.But if a home doesn´t have one of those, it is still a good home .So I´ve talked about what home means to me, what about what home means to other people? Some people say that home is a place where you live, other say that it, s a place to be free but I think the true meaning of home is a place where you belong, a place where you are most loved and most of all, the place where you show the most kindness.But there is also many things but I thought those were the most important thing.

So this is my paragraph about what home is and I have 1 more thing to say: I hope homeless people get homes so they can live in comfy home