Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to you? Home is the world to me. Home is where I belong. Home is where my heart lives.

Home is where I can dream BIG. To try, dream my wildest I ever have before.Have my family to help me, and guide me.With my family to encourage me to try my hardest. They let me feel free. My family helps me feel like anything is possible if I try.

Home is where I can be inspired. It is where my family can show me things they have learned so I can be the next to follow in their footprints.I was inspired by my sisters because they showed me great leadership and I felt inspired by them. I was inspired by my parents as well,telling me about things they did when they where my age. Things they loved doing. My family made me feel unstoppable.

Home is where I feel overjoy. My family makes me feel over the world. Home is where I can be silly at the right times. Home is where I can sleep safe and sound. I can be warm as I sleep and wonder about the next day, and my goals. I can be with my family and stay happy.

Home is where I can play games all day long. Games I love as well as my family. I can teach my mom or dad to play my favorite game. Home is where I can play fiction games. Pretend like I am a fictional character, from my favorite book series.Home is where I can have fun with my family.

My home is where my heart belongs.With my family. This is what home means to me.