Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home can have a different meanings depending on where or how you live. To me home is a place where you can feel safe and where you can curl up and not have to worry about anything. Its a place where you can feel loved. Nothing’s the same as being in your own home. Home is a special place that everyone needs.

That’s what my home is like but out all over the world there are people who don’t have proper homes. People who need a place to feel safe. People who need somewhere where they can feel peace. I wish I could give every single family the proper home they deserve, to every single town, city, treaty, country and state.

A very important part of a home is family. A family that supports you and loves you. If you think about it, family is is what makes homes so special. Even if your home isn’t the safest or coziest, you still have family. Hopefully a family that understands you and supports who you are. Even if your family isn’t the most supportive, I am sure that that without them you wouldn’t be the the same person you are today. Family is what makes home, home.

I like to think that everyone has a family and home like I do but really not everyone does. It hurts to imagine not having a good home and family. I wish everyone had a home like I do. I hope in the future that can change!