Grade 5

Red Deer

What home means to me

What home means to me

Home isn’t just a place I live in, it’s my family and my friends,it’s everyone important in my life . If it was all gone then I’ll feel really sad and alone like theirs only darkness in the world. I’ll feel like the whole world is caving in on me then it’s gone from existence. We are all together.

We are never alone.Home means that your friends and family will always be with you no matter what happens. Any obstacle that is in your way your family is always there for you. You are never lonely when you have family. It’s like your world is brand new and it’s a new beggining with the people you love.

When I look at my family and all I see is love, comfort, and hope. Your happiness and love just overflows your heart like a volcano erupting love. When you have a loving family you never feel alone. My home is always around me, this house, my family ,my friends, and my surroundings.

Home means special people stay with you wherever you go. I can always show my emotions and never give up hope. When my family looks at me, my insides warm up and my heart just overflows. When I am with my family i’m not alone and feel happy. In my new house feel happy when i’m with my family.

Home is the best thing ever. My home is my loved ones and my friends are always around me.I love my home. My family is my whole life. Family is the best. My friends are nice, caring, and helpful.That is what family means to me.