Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

Home is where the heart is
A place that is safe

Filled with memories all over the place
Memories like the day you turned six,
Or when you lost your first tooth

Home may also be where the Holy Spirit takes place

At home you are under protection and feel so safe

A place that is warm on cold winter days
But also a place to cool off on hot sunny days

A place to gather for holidays
Thanksgiving feast and Christmas day

Each house is part of a community

A place to feel refreshed after a long hard day

My house is filled of laughter,
Then exhaustion shortly after

It might not have been where you’ve lived your whole life
But a place with less stress than you realize

There’s lots of conversation,
Peace joy and love

You always feel alive but some things might catch you by surprise

Like that some people don’t feel safe
That spend their nights in a dirty place
They live on the streets and are usually weak
Seeing them on the streets makes me feel defeat
It makes me glad I’m not one of them, but I do my best to chime on in
I donate some money to those on the streets
It makes them feel a little less weak
It raises their hope to find a home of their own
And be just like me

That’s what home means to me