Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

When I first moved to Bolton I felt very homesick, because i already made friends in Palgrave and I got so used to living there.

But when I got to know everyone in the school and added things to my new home that make me feel comfortable I soon realized that I wasn’t homesick anymore Because I knew that a lot of people started off just like me.

So this is what home feels like to me.

To me home is a place sit down and think about how lucky I am to even have one.

A home is a place to sleep and eat .

A home is a place to love even if it’s one room big or even if it’s three stories tall.

A home is a place to do things you love.

A home is a place to have memories.

A home is a place to work.

But there is one main thing that makes me feel comfortable the most and that is…

My family.

I love my home.
The End