Grade 6

Brentwood Bay
British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

When I walk into my home I feel lucky. Lucky that I get to walk into a warm home. I feel lucky that I have a little sister who looks up to me. I feel lucky that I have two supporting parents. Lucky that I have two kittens who always put a smile on my face. A home isn’t just a roof and four walls it’s a feeling of happiness and fun. I see my sister on the couch waiting for me, we go up stairs giggling. I feel grown up when I take care of her. We sit on the couch as a family watching movies and laughing. On rainy days me and my sister walk home with smiles on our faces, when we get home there’s hot chocolate waiting. My home makes me feel comfortable and independent. It’s a place where you can cry and fall, but also a place where you can always get back up. I’m so lucky to have a home. I think it’s something that everybody deserves.