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What home means to me

What Home Means To Me

To me, Home is an amazing place
It is a place where I am not afraid to be me.
A place where I can always feel safe.
Home is a place where I am loved
And a place where I am with my loved ones.
Home is The only place where I can always feel included.

Home is a place where good and bad happens,
But always a place where I will never sadden
My home is a place where I’ve lived my best life,
And I will never have a better life
It’s a place where good moments are kept
And bad moments taken
My home is not as small as a cabin,
But not as big as a mansion

It has enough space so I can be me.
Enough space where I can choose who I want to be
Home is a place where you should see happiness in each and everyone’s face
It’s such an amazing place
Home is a place where you can share your feelings
And a place where you are always dreaming
I start tearing up
Just thinking about not having a home.
Without a home I have no strengths,
But if you keep pushing you can go to great lengths
My home is my home and nothing can replace it
It is just the way I like it is very unique in every which way
Home is a place where joy is flowing all around
A place where sadness is frustration is always drowned
Home is where you are safe
From all your fears and whatever is outside
And in a home you should always have a loved one beside

A place where you are loved
And a place where others are loved by you
Home is a place where all your emotions are
A home is a space that should always be shared with one in other
Always included with Father, sister, mother and brother.

Home is a beautiful place
A place where I can express Myself
A place where we should all express ourselves
Everyone should always be thankful for a home
Some people live on the streets and roam
I am very very lucky to have a home to call mine
Everyone deserves the chance to call a home their own
I hope this poem will help a family have a home