Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a very, very special place,
It is where love is, love from your relatives and friends
Home is where you need, is where you stay
Home is a place where I feel safe and secure,
Home is a place where I’m loved and where you can be too
Home is where dreams can come true,
Where I am comforted when I’m sad
And where happiness is always there when you need it

Home is where your lovely family is,
Where your beloved puppy jumps up to greet you when you come home
And where your soft bed and comfy couch is
Home is where you spend most of your time

Home is also the place to express our feelings, no matter it’s sadness, happiness or frustration
Home is where you’re the most comfortable and the safest out of all places
Home is where we’re all happy, not sad

Home is where you are raised, where you grow
Home is where you feel free to show your talents, and your hope
Home is where you can do anything
Home is yours to keep,
So be thankful for your home
And I hope this poem will help a homeless child have a home