Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home to me means a place where you feel loved, where you can be free and express yourself. I can see memories through the windows of me and my little sister playing in the mud, playground and skating. I remember the water fights between me, my mom, dad and sister and sliding down the big curvy slide that used to be so big. I will always remember the cold nights when me and my family have hockey games and my sister who always cheats and all the past forts and snowmen we built. I live with my mom, dad, sister and now for just a little over a year my great and awesome pépère (grandpa)!!! My sister is a 10 year old very energetic (crazy), creative and sassy fourth grader. My mom is a hard working feminist who loves music and zombie movies. My father loves Dungeons and Dragons and is a super kind mathematician, my pépère is such a kind hearted and sweet person. Inside I could sit for hours recalling all my fond memories from when I was younger, all the birthdays, Christmas, Halloweens and all the nights spent around the fire. To this day me and my family can still recall a summer party we hosted in 2014. I remember running around in the backyard having water gun fights and eating cake and my mom still makes a joke of what one of my sister’s friends told her; “Arrrrrrrrr, matey you are my treasure!” Because we gave out eye patches in the goody bags. Inside I could close my eyes and recall all the birthdays in the dining room, parties and hockey games in the living room and the dance parties in the sun room.
The rooms echo with laughs, screams, giggles, cries and music which I could listen to forever. In my home I really enjoy movie nights and hanging out with friends and family. I love my home so much and I am so soooo lucky to have a place where I can go to bed warm, cozy and happy and know that I will always be safe. I share a room with my sister which sometimes I love but can also really really hate. I love everything about my house like the foldable table in the kitchen where me and my mom play chess, my dad plays DnD and Arkham horror and where me and my family play Scooby-Doo games or where my dad yells at the tv and where he and my pépère complain about Oak Island and how they need to make it more interesting. My house is where I feel safe, it’s a place where I feel like I’m not being judged and I can be myself. I have so much happiness not from the house but from the family that fills it and all the memories I’ve made and all the more memories yet to come. My home means so much to me.