Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

A home is where everyone belongs,
Home is where all things gather,
To me, home is a place where I feel safe,
Home, a place to call my own,
My home is made of people that care about me,
A home is a place to trust,
A house is just like a building with a roof and some walls,
In the house of mine there are lights that shine,
A cat that often chases a fierce mouse,
Home is a place that I know,
Home is a place where I belong,
‘’Home is the comfiest place to be’’ Winnie the pooh
In a house of mine,
I feel like no one is helping,
The poor and the rich,
To those in need,
In a house of mine,
I smell the sweet ice cream and the salty burger,
I see the rich and the poor
I taste the high quality meat and the creamy noodles,
I feel happy about my life but not for the poor,
I hear my dad talking and the poor needing a home,
So that’s what I do,
I want everyone to,
Be safe in this world,
It’s sad that the poor is on the streets,
And the rich are enjoying their life.
We should help the poor and give them food.