Grade 5

Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

What does home mean to you? As a member of a military family, I have moved three times. To me home is any place where my family is.

I was born in Pembroke, Ontario. Then we moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan when I was three years old so Moose Jaw still feels like home to me. We had lots of close friends there and we made lots of memories. After that our family moved to Goose Bay, Labrador. I like living on the military base because my friends live close to us and we all play outside. Our family is soon going to move again. I hope my next home is just as good as this one.

So I know that home is not necessarily where you live but where your family and friends are. It is the best place! At home you could play a game with your family or your friends. Home is where you feel like you could do anything you want to do. For example, you could sit on the couch and read a good book or play a board game with friends or family. For some people, home is a place but for me it is a feeling of tranquility with my family.

By: Luke Gabourie