Grade 6


What Home means to me

What Home Means to Me

Everyone’s home is different. Some like it grey, some like it black, no matter what style or color, because home is home. Today I will tell you what home means to me.

For me home looks like a place with love in the air and a family on the ground. A place where I can feel important, loved, and cared for. Where my sibling’s laughter makes the whole family burst out laughing. Where I am not judged for who I am, but I am accepted for who I am and who I want to be wanting to be. When I enter my home I feel welcomed and relaxed.

Home isn’t just a building where you live it’s where I live my best moments. That’s why they say home sweet home because home is a place that means so much to everyone. Unfortunately, some people don’t have homes and that’s horrible because home to me in one word is extraordinary.