Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

I live in a house with my mom, dad and sister. I find it sad if someone does not have a house. I look at people who do not have a house sometimes when I am driving or walking. It makes me sad to know that these people do not have a roof over their heads! Home to me means a place where you can feel loved and safe. My house is very important to me because I am in it a lot especially during Covid-19. I always feel loved and safe at my grandparents house too. So a house is really not just where you live but places you feel welcome and loved. A house is not just walls it means something more to me. I do not want to sound like everyone has a house because not everyone does. Some kids have to go to two houses if their parents are separated. I know some kids whose parents are and it is not easy. I am saying this but I would not know how it feels in that situation because well I have not been involved with a divorce! Some of my close friends have divorced parents so I know a little about how it works! More about the subject of Covid-19 a lot of people are at home and with their families. My sister and I have been spending a lot of time together and have come closer with each other! I personally do not like being at home all of the time but I love my house!