Grade 6


What home means to me

What home means to me…

Home is where i eat
Home is where i sleep
It’s a place where i feel loved
It’s a place where i can receive hugs

When i smell fresh food from the stove
The only thing it reminds me is home.
No matter how big or small
Anyone would be happy to have it all

It protects you from all danger
Where you can relax when you have anger
Where the others who don’t have a home
Just have to roam

I feel lucky to have a bed
Where I have a place to rest my head
Where others just have a ground
They don’t have a place to sleep peacefully with no sounds

Home gives the most relaxing vibes
Its where i smile a million times
Its where i dance and sing

Home is a another word for heaven
Where i can find good suggestions
If i ever feel blue
At least there is someone i can talk to

I hope everyone else can feel how i feel
I hope they have a home where they can heal
It’s where you grow and learn
It has all that happiness that you can earn