Grade 4

Shea Heights ,NL
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me.

Meaning of Home

If i didn’t have a home I would do anything to get one. I love my home because I spend time with my friends and family and i get more recognized. Home is where the heart is: Its way way way more than furniture it is also Safety, comfort and caring.There’s support everywhere in a home. Home is trust and safety and everyone should be thankful if they have a home because some people don’t have a home. Home is memories with the people you………………………………….LOVE!!!!!
Home is laughter with family and friends.Home never leaves its always there for you.Home is expensive but at least you got a roof over your head.Home and family is the only thing i care about.Home means everything to me. My MEANING OF HOME!!!!!!!!! 2019