Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home doesn’t always just mean storage and shelter.
Homes can mean so many different things to different people. Some people think of homes as safety and protection. 3 things that home can mean to different people are: somewhere that you can go that you know you are safe and protected, somewhere you can go to have time with family or somewhere for sleeping and storing belongings.
I think that home means somewhere safe and have time with family and homes can sometimes also mean shelter. If you were camping with bears and you don’t feel safe, you know you can go back home for safety, you can also have somewhere to go. If there is a storm, you also know you can go home and not get soaked.
Everybody uses their home as something to decorate and store their belongings in. Some people believe that homes are for storage. Homes mean so much more though. You have to have a bed or something to sleep on, so most people even have dinner tables and couches and chairs, etc. Some people also have outside storage like sheds and garages. Lots of people even have lawn chairs and gazebos outside on their decks.
A lot of people also use their home as a place for hobbies, sports trophies and other types of rewards. People have their hobbies collections and soccer balls, foot balls, and rackets. In their home they have collections like seashells or rock collecting. You can also put bikes and scooters and more in the shed.
The point is… houses can mean so many different things to so many more different people. I think that a home means a place for safety and for time with family.
A home doesn’t always mean a house.