Grade 4

Nova Scotia

what home means to me

People are very lucky to have a home.But some people don’t have the right amount of money. Some People have, $1000 Some People Have, $100, And some people don’t Have any Money at all.So they definitely Can’t afford a home. But they deserve homes because there brave enough to live on the streets, That’s What Happy Is.
People are lucky to have education but some either don’t have education or didn’t finish all 12 grades. I think it would be fair if everyone could have education for free.Its not fair to pay 100 bucks for school if you only have 10 bucks. I don’t know why you have to pay for education like your at a restaurant. If you could just go to school without worrying about money.That’s What HAPPY Is.
I Think im very lucky to have a home it gives me a lot of things,like shelter for storms, and warmth in the cold winter, it has air conditioning in the hot summer, it makes me feel safe and gives me places to put and cook food to eat.That’s definitely is HAPPY. I think people like me are Lucky to have good warm food not cold raw or rotten. I think it’s nice for people have food drives for homeless people every now and then.I hope they enjoy it when they get it.hopefully it’s warm and good.What home means to me is a shelter, a hope to live, a place to eat, a place to sleep and play outside in the woods with my family i hope you enjoy your home like i do. Because it’s a place to be grateful for what it helps you with everything.