Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

What makes me feel at home is if you leave for a few days and you come home and your dogs are just barking waiting to see you. And I feel safe at home and I can be warm at home and I can get a good night sleep at home. My dog can protect me and I can sit by the fire place if I’m cold. I could have cookies and milk for a snack when I’m hungry and I could hang out with my friends. I can take my dog for a walk and when we are bored we can watch a movie. We can celebrate the seasons. Home is where you can watch or read the news and make arts and crafts and do your school work and hang out with your family. Home is where you feel loved and love others including your pets. Home is where you can throw a party. Home means you can have a roof over your head to protect you from the snow or rain or a very hot day. You can sit on the couch eating pizza, ice cream, and pancakes. You can listen to your favourite songs and read your favourite books.You can play games and play with your animals and go swimming in your pool. You can make new friends too. This is what home means to me.