Grade 5


what home means to me

This is what home means to me.When i’m at home i feel warm,safe,cozy,relaxed,loved,welcomed and cared for.Those are things i feel when i’m at and my family helps that all happen.When i’m at home i like to spend time with my family and do things to take care of our home that way it stays nice and cozy.We have a garden in front of our home and it is really decorated so it looks nice and we get yummy fruits and veggies from it and our home gives the garden shelter just like it gives us shelter.My home is the one place i will stay for the rest of my life cause its the one place people feel safe and some people can’t feel safe cause they have no home and some people don’t even have a family so they are lonely so i hope they can find a home and make a family and enjoy the things i enjoy with my family.I love my family and i love my home.