Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

A house is just a building , but your home is where your heart is. A House is just an empty space, but a home is yours. A home is comfy, safe, fun, and nice. A house is just wood, bricks, concrete, and paint. A home has all your family and friends. A home is essential for everyone you know.

At a home, you have to pay the bills. At home, you can relax. A house is just a waste of money if you don’t call it a home. A home is free and you will always have one. A house is a piece of land. Home is wherever you are.

Home is wherever you choose it to be. A house stays in one place and never moves. Home is where I sleep and live. A house is full of sharp corners and splinters. Home is where I feel no stress. A house has nice accessories, but home is better with my family.