Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What a home is to me.

Hello. What is a home to you? A building? A safe place? A place where you can play video games? To me, a home is many things. Before I begin, you should know that a house is not the same as a home, a house is just a building; a place to live in, it doesn’t mean anything. Now I will tell what a home really means to me.

To me, a home is something that you can call your own, a place where you can feel secure. It is a place where you can feel free. Somewhere you can be happy with loved ones. Your home should be a place you can go to whenever you would like. These are the things you can’t always get in a house.

Every home is unique and each home has different characteristics. Your home could have pets, it could have a pool. With your home, the choice is yours. Your home can be nearly anything! As long as you are happy with your home it is a good home.

In conclusion, a house is not a home. Home is a lot more then just a place to live in, a home can be what you make it. What do you think of my opinion? Don’t you agree that a home is a beautiful place?