Grade 6

Moncton New Brunswick
New Brunswick

What home means to me

What home means to me…

To me, home is not just a building or a structure. It is all five senses. It is the smell of Mom cooking dinner, the feeling of love and appreciation. It is the touch of a warm hug and kiss, the sound of footsteps running up and down the stairs and the taste of a home cooked Sunday family meal.

A perfect house will never be a home. A home needs to be worn out like a pair of shoes. It needs to have pictures covering holes and garbage stuck in between couch cushions. It also should have memories in each scratch and stories in each picture. There should be happy times and sad times, but love between the people that share it. A home should welcome everyone. A home does not need to be a structure; home can be anywhere you are safe and welcome.

A home should always have big open doors that are welcoming. Everyone deserves a home where they feel safe to laugh,cry and sing. A home is a place to go to when you need to let go and where you won’t be judged. That’s why every child deserve a place that they can call home!