Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me…..

Home is a place where everyone is welcome.
Home is where gratitude is everything
Where every moment is special in its own very way
Whether it’s a picture on the wall
Or a homemade Thanksgiving dinner
It’s where everybody comes together.
Playing late outside
Or even having a campfire
While roasting marshmallows.
Home is where love is cherished
And where nobody gets left out
Where everyone feels inspired.
Home let’s you really be yourself
While singing in the shower
Or telling how your day was.
Where you feel confident
And support your siblings
And where grand-parents bring over sweets
Where they share their old stories.
Home is where you feel safe
Loved and comfortable.
Where lessons are learned
And where laughter is everything.
When you’re decorating for the holidays
Home is the absolute best place to be.
Home is when you walk outside
And your neighbours wave.
No matter if you follow a wrong path
Always remember the journey to come home
Home sweet home!