Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

A home is were people love and care about you were your friends, family and neibors are . You have memories in your home pictures of your family and you have your bed. Most people are lucky enough to have a home but not all people are so habitat for humanity is very impotant to try and make sure every one has not a house but a home near there kids school and in safe neiborhood. There is usualy a smell in a home like my teachers home smells like inscents cuase she often burns inscents. You have your stuff in your home and your pets if you have any . A home has pictures freinds, family and fun times .The reason habitat for humanity is so very iportant is the amount of people that dont have homes or even houses is minumum of thirty five thousand add about a hundred women and there children who have abusive husbands a thousand refugies so theres milloins of adults and children who need homes that make them feel and are safe.Some people after peying rent dont have enough money to pay for heating or their electricity bills or food or their water bill. i hope you agree and you have alot of enries and donaters this year habitat for humanity.