Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home to me is a lot more then you see. It’s a warm feeling inside like you snuggling up to a warm blanket and a hot cup of coco that fills your body with warmth every time you take a sip. Warm hugs from my family, warm hugs from your family that will be there whenever you need. Home is where your imagination can run wild. When your sad there’s always someone there for you. Home is like the warm bed you never want to leave. Spending time with my family and laughs bounce off the walls. When I get home from school I can smell the sweet ooey gooey cinnamon buns steaming into the warm air. The delicious smelling candles fill my home, there’s also no dress code, you don’t have to comb your hair. In spring that rainy cold smell fills the air. Then all the snow melts then grass and flowers appear. A beautiful yard with grass and flowers fill the damp ground. The truth is that a house is not a home. A house is just some walls and a roof and a floor, it does not mean anything. But a home is so much more. Nothing beats a home!