Grade 6

Campbell River
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me
A place to find out things you may not know
Turn the key in the door
Hear the creaks in the floor
A backyard where the sun beats down
Soft green grass, on the ground
Memories stacked within these walls
The ghosts of past roams the halls
A place to slide into bed
A roof over your head
Some people don’t live this life
They must sleep outside even on the coldest nights
Imagine if you lost all this
And lived in an icy bliss
I too would feel very sad
So, I’m grateful for the home I have
This is what home means to me
The cool breeze of the sea
No matter where you are
Look up at the stars
And think “what does home mean to me?”
And how lucky you are
To have a place to be.