Grade 6


what home means to me

What home means to me

If you search up the meaning of home, it’ll say where someone lives permanently, but to me it means much more. A home isn’t just a place to live in, that’s a house. home is a place where people know that they can drive people crazy as quick as they can continue to love each other.
In my home I feel comfortable, safe, and loved. It is filled with funny memoires and I want to go there every day. Home is a place filled with care and joy. It isn’t perfect, it has its flaws and not everyone is happy all the time in their home. A home can also be filled with sadness and anger but still ends up with people who love each other.
To me a house needs a family to become home, because someone could have a lot of things, but it would mean nothing if they have no one to share it with. A home isn’t just a place it could also be a feeling. A feeling of appreciation and happiness that you share with the people you love.
A home isn’t built in a day, it takes time to completely trust anyone and make good memories together. I feel free at home and know that no one is going to judge me and I’m always going to be defended. My family is going to stick with me forever. There is no place like home.
A home is a place were no matter what anyone has been through there is always someone there to take care of them. To help someone get a home would be a great privilege for me because I know how having a home feels and I want someone to feel the same.