Grade 6

New Brunswick

What home means to me.

A place where you go at the end of the day.
A place where you feel safe.
A place where I am loved.

To a lot of people home is where you have a roof above your head.

Somewhere where you have meals with your family.
Somewhere where you feel comfortable.
Somewhere where you rest.

No matter how big or small a home is a home.

A place where you see your family everyday.
A place where I am never alone.
A place where I am never judged.

I am from the blue house on the right with a dog in the backyard on a quiet street.
I am from shepherds pie and homemade pizza.
From cause I told you so and you know betters.
From green grass and baking supplies.
From snowmobiles and skis.

A home to me is where memories are made. A home is not something that has to beautiful and big it needs to be a place where you feel safe. A home to me is more then a house more then words but a part of my family.

I call my house a home but some people just think of it as where they live and this why everyone needs a home.