Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

My Home is a beautiful place for me,
A place that i’d always want to be.
My home to me is like Gold,
A place that i’d always want to hold.
My home for me is like my crown,
It’s like a treasure that I found.

I am very grateful of my beautiful home and family!
Because of them, My life would be spent happily!

I’m very fortunate of my home and family,
It’s like i’m living inside a family!
We should all try to make a change,
No matter what age!

Home is a place where my happiness is,
It’s also the place where i study for a quiz!
It’s not fair when a person lives on the streets!
While we have so many treats!

Because of my home, i am very blessed,
I think my home is the best!
My home helps me with my worries,
And my home is one of my best journeys!

This is what home means to me!