Grade 6


What home means to me

Home Is a place where I spend almost all of my time in. I like my Home because I get to play on my play station and I really like when Its a snow day because my mom lets me sleep in because Im tired in the morning before I go to school. I like my room too. My bed is the best thing about my room It’s cozy and warm. I am a Montreal Canadians fan so my room is red and blue.

Home is when I get to play on my ps4. I get to connect with my friends and we have fun. We play a lot of Fortnite it is the most popular game and it is fun. I like to golf in summer and in the winter I play hockey is like home. I like it. It’s my favourite sport.

Home is nice but some people don’t have homes and it is sad to see that people like homeless people. When I see them I feel really bad for all of them. When I stutter past a homeless person I want to give them money but I never have Money on me. I think everyone should have a home. I want every government in the world to get every homeless person off the streets and get them a home or bring them to shelter. Homeless people need to get off the streets because some suffer from health conditions and there not doing very well. Homeless people need the same life like all of us that have a home and food. Every one deserves a home.