Grade 6

Indian Head

What Home Means to Me

Home is a loving place with lots of emotions, full of fun, coziness, welcoming, and warmness. It is place I love, know, and cherish. A home is a place that has a purpose. Home is where I can see smiles and hear laughter every day. It’s a place that’s mine, and that I can call a home. A home is full of excitement and tears. Home is a familiar place that I can sleep, eat, and live in. A home is a place I get to see my family every day, but also make memories with my friends and family- memories that I will never forget. It’s a safe place to me and my family. It’s a place I get to eat in my dining room and watch TV with my family and friends. It’s a place that people I love care about me. It’s a place that I get to hang with my friends and family. A home should be a place that everyone has and can call home.