Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
The word home can mean many different things to many different people. We all love our home and go their everyday. I want to tell you what home means to me.

Home is not just a shelter or just a building you live in it is both of those things and so much more. Home is mine, it is something that keeps me safe and sound. Home is like a bamboo to a panda because when I’m home I feel cared for and comfortable. It means a loving family and warmth.
It is a shelter for me and my family to make memories in, enjoy special occasions together and work together as a team to make home last forever. When I am sad home always cheers me up, I love spending time with my family, looking at my house reminds me of my memories I have made with my friends and family.
Home is where you can feel whatever you want to feel, and nobody will judge you. You can express emotions that you feel, and you know that somebody will always be there for you. When I am at home, I love it when me and my family and I sit down and just talk and I can feel anything I want whether it’s something sad or something happy. At home I have privacy and can be whoever I want. Every time I come home, I feel welcomed and feel like I belong. home means culture, talents and achievements.
In my home I have freedom. I get excited and feel happiness and love because of the friendship, laughter, joy, peace and encouragement in my home.
Home is for me and I am so thankful for it!