Grade 5




TO: Habitat For Humanity

A home is a place where my family can live, grow and be safe. A place where neighbourhoods come together and make new friends. My friends will visit me at my home on my summer vacation. We would play in my backyard for hours. Many good memories came from my summer vacation. A home is a structure where I can grow healthy, feel safe and spend time with family. My house is a place where I feel love and happiness. It’s a place where I know I will be sheltered and safe on stormy days.

A healthy lifestyle is very influential to me because without a healthy diet, you won’t be a healthy person. My home is a shelter where I can grow up being healthy. The healthiest room in my house would be the kitchen. We eat a lot of healthy foods like pasta, fruits and vegetables. This is a special place in my home where I can grow healthy and become strong. I learned how families can be healthy and the true meaning of home when I read a book Maniac Magee in my English class. After reading this novel, I realized it was all about family, love and a great place called home. It is important to have a stable and happy place to relax and have fun because if you keep worrying about everything you here, you won’t be able to be happy because your stressed.

Safety is the number one aspect when building a home. My home is one of the safest places on earth. For example, when there is a snow storm, my house would be comfortable and cosy with a fire to help keep us warm. My mom would make me a hot chocolate so I can be even warmer. After the storm blows over, my dad and I would go shovel the driveway so we don’t slip and hurt ourselves. Every year my father makes sure that all the alarm systems are working so that we can live safe and feel protected from a fire.

Family is a very powerful relationship to me. My home is where my family lives within each other. In my house, my family comes together to celebrate major holidays for example, Thanksgiving. It’s so exciting to see my cousins and relatives that I have not seen for a long time. We laugh, eat, and play a board game together. Then for desert, we would have our favourite pumpkin pie! Over the years, we have created many good memories in my home.

In conclusion, my house becomes a home because I feel sheltered, safe, I can grow healthy and spend time with my family. A home is a special place where I hope all kids get to call a place home. Your home isn’t just the structure you live in, it’s your country, your neighbourhood and the people in your family. The meaning of home, simple it’s the people that care for you the most