Grade 6

Mid Sackville
Nova Scotia

What home means to me! :)

What my home means to me…
What is Home?
Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. Home is a place to live with my family and pets and enjoy with friends. Home is a place to build memories.
Home is a place that means safety and comfort. Home is a place that has electricity and warmth. My home is where I can be sad, be happy, be angry. I can trust my animals and parents but I have a journal and write my thoughts in. When I go home I feel like I am safe, I can play games with my family, and my family loves me with all their heart. I can have my own time without any other humans. If I had a long tuff day I have family or reliable people I can talk to. A home is where I can eat, sleep, have fun, and most of all FEEL SAFE! My home is a place I can laugh and cry and yell.
Home isn’t a place to sleep and eat. It’s a place that you can have fun and make lots and lots of memories.
Home is just home.