Grade 6

middle sachville halifax
Nova Scotia

What home means to me

Home to me
Home is where you’re accepted. Home is where you feel safe. Home is where you’re comfortable. Home is where you feel good. Home is where you’re positive.
Sometimes in your home you could have an argument with your parents you could have fights with your siblings but that is ok that doesn’t mean you don’t have a good home it means that your family is normal. Every family has a few fights but you will always get through it and that is why home is safe and comfortable.
Home is a place where you feel safe and where you have a decent trust level and a place where you can feel good about yourself and have positive thoughts more than having negative thoughts. Home is Where you can talk to people and feel comfortable rather than feel uncomfortable and not safe.
Therefore with what I have just Stated home is a place where you are safe and where you are comfortable and feel good about your-self.
Home is a wonderful place.