Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me.

Home is what a lot of people think,
is just a place.
Well guess what,
that’s not the case.

Home is not just a place,
where you eat sleep and play.
It provides you with warmth, walls and a roof,
that’s with you through night and day.

There is delicious food ready to eat,
tasty beverages that quench my thirst.
when i get asked what i love,
my home is most likely on my list first.

i’m very blessed,
because some don’t have a home.
They don’t feel the way i feel,
they just awander and roam.

Your parents love you,
with all that’s in there hearts.
Their love has been here,
every since the start.

A home is where friends and family,
come and then go.
It’s a special and safe place,
you should love it very much so.

No matter how short or how tall,
no matter how new or old.
Your house is your very own,
it protects you through everything like the snowy cold.

It’s where we make memories,
that are forever with us
Then we start to grow,
and step o the bus.

That’s what home means to me!