Grade 6

Salmon Arm BC
British Columbia

What home means to me

Home is a place that feels safe.A home doesn´t have to be a house it can be wherever you feel safe and loved.A home has much more than just four walls and a roof ,it holds memories to remember.My home is where I can have fun with my friends Home is where I learn new things.At home its ok to make mistakes .Home is where I´m accepted.At home my family is on my side.Home is where I´m growing up. Home is where I can do what I want.Home is where you have nothing to hide.Home is where I learned how to ride my first bike. Home is where you don´t have to worry . Home is where I feel loved .Home is where you can be yourself.Home is cosy.You can´t buy a home bcause you have to make a house your home.home is where I have fun with my sibilings,but sometimes we don´t always get along.Home is whereI can go after along day of school