Grade 6

Salmon Arm, BC
British Columbia

What home means to me

To me a home isn´t just a building, sometimes it’s a feeling. Somewhere where you feel safe, where you feel accepted.

Lots of people think a home is the same thing as a house, but to me it isn’t. A house is a building with four walls and a roof, but a home can be anywhere, just somewhere where you’re happy, somewhere you can share your secrets and where you feel trusted. Sometimes I walk into my house feeling tired, angry or frustrated but when I walk into my home, I hear laughter, I feel happy. Somewhere where you make lots of happy memories.

My home is somewhere where I want to be.Sometimes your home is in the forest because you love to go on adventures and when you’re in the forest you feel happy, or it could be in the gym because working out makes you happy and you feel strong (physically and mentally)!

So, to me my home is a beautiful place , a place I love to go.