Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where you will feel safe. Home means giggles. A home is a place that makes you feel loved. A house needs a roof and walls to be a house. You will feel cared for in a home. Home also means owies and crying. Home means delicious food but also disgusting food. You can cuddle in a home. You feel safe when you sleep in a home. A house is made up of cement, wood, and colour. Home is made up of laughter. Home will be made up of games and play time. Home means smiles and waves. A home needs medicine. Home needs to have sick moments. Home means movies. Home means family. Home means heat and warmth. Home means growth and birthdays. Home means a place to sleep. A home has quizzes for you. A home will make you question things. A house needs a door. At home you can play. At home you will fight. At home you will not agree on everything. Home is a love to everybody. Home is spelt H O M E and nobody can ever change that.