Grade 4


What home means to me

Home is a wonderful warm place where all is loved and touches the heart. A place that I feel safe a place where I learn and recognise, a place that can still be with me wherever I go. A home to me isn’t just four walls and a roof or where you sleep. It’s a place that you have memories in and friends and family unite. It’s a place that makes you feel all warm and snuggly on the inside. Home is such a remarkable place that it is hard to explain because there are many types of homes. There are cars, boats, tents, houses or even in the outdoors!Home is a place to celebrate and is where family lives.
I always get excited when I leave somewhere and then it’s time to go home mainly because home gives me a feeling of hope and light in the darkness so to speak. It gives me something that will never leave me kind of like waking up on your birthday.
Home can look, be and feel like many things. Some people recognise it by smell, maybe what it looks like on the outside or the warmth of it. Home can be bright, it can be dark, warm or cold, there can be other people or just you. Home is always there for you and I hope all can have one.